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We are thrilled to join the chorus of voices welcoming you to the Columbia community!

The Office of Financial Aid and Educational Financing has been working closely with Student Financial Services to provide for your smooth transition to Columbia in the fall. We have created a step-by-step guide to advise incoming students about preparing to pay the college bill. Whether or not you are receiving financial aid, our staff members are dedicated to assisting you and your family in planning how best to finance your education.

Kathryn Tuman
Executive Director of Financial Aid
Columbia College and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

apples and oranges

While they similarly provide extensive resources to educate you and your family about managing college expenses, each office provides unique services.

Financial Aid & Billing: Two Offices to Help You

When you need assistance with financial matters, there are two offices that can help.

The Office of Financial Aid and Educational Financing serves undergraduate students at Columbia College and Columbia Engineering, awarding financial aid and providing guidance to students and families about education loans and other financing options. Student Financial Services supports the entire University community by managing student billing, accepting and processing payments, distributing refunds, and administering federal work-study.

News & Announcements

2014-2015 Tuition and Fees & Online Bill Estimator

See the 2014-2015 cost for tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board, and use the online Bill Estimator to project the amount you will be expected to pay for the academic year.

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What is an "E-Bill"?

It's a static snapshot of the student account emailed to you each month that includes a payment due date for any balance owed at the time it is generated. Recent charges or credits may not be reflected.

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Student Account Detail

This will reflect current charges and credits applied since your last E-Bill was generated. Access this by logging into Student Services Online and selecting "Account." Until August, only the admission deposit will be visible on the E-Bill and Student Account Statement.

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Create an Authorized Payer Account

Federal privacy regulations limit the access of other people, including family members, to student accounts. For parents or other parties to be able to view and pay monthly E-Bills, you must set them up as an Authorized Payer. You can set up an Authorized Payer beginning July 11, 2014.

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Consider the Payment Plan

Columbia’s Payment Plan enables students and/or families to pay billed expenses over several months, rather than in one payment. It is not a loan, and while there is an application fee, there are no interest charges or credit checks. You may sign up online beginning July 1, 2014.

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Explore Financing Options

A variety of loan options is available to undergraduate students and families. You may choose to borrow loans to finance a portion or all of the total cost of attendance, minus other financial aid received.

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Direct Deposit

If you are receiving financial aid or a stipend, you may receive a credit on your student account. The University's preferred method of refund distribution is through direct deposit. To enroll, domestic students should log into SSOL.

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Upcoming Events

COLUMBIA 101 Session for Transfer Students

Important Dates

Deadline for Disability Service Requests
Deadline to Certify Meningitis Vaccination Decision
Deadline to Submit Proof of MMR Immunity
Deadline to Upload Photo for University ID Card
Fall Tuition Bill Available on SSOL
Move-in/Orientation Begins
First Day of Fall Semester
Fall Tuition Bill Due
Deadline to Confirm, Upgrade, or Request a Waiver from the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan