Countdown to Columbia: Acclimating (7/10)

Dear Students,

Living at Columbia is an exciting and rigorous experience. There are many opportunities to pursue academia, engage in the community, and seek personal fulfillment. Yet with numerous options, decisions can seem overwhelming, even unattainable. An important component of the education at Columbia is balance; weighing opportunity with reality, everyday life with long term planning... Read more.

Once you arrive on campus, there will be many opportunities to gather and discuss life in the United States, in New York City, and, of course, life at Columbia. Albums from past events are available on the International Student Programs and Services Facebook page, and a select few can be accessed by clicking the images below.

Event topics have included:

- What to do when staying on campus for break and the events that we offer during that time
- Re-adjustment to life with family and friends
- Staying in touch with Columbia, and things you might not think would come up while away
- How to find your niche on campus
- Where to meet people
- How to ship and store items
- And more!

These events will be listed on the Columbia International Student Programs and Services website throughout the year.

Dine In for Pizza; Go Out for Movie

Spring Break Potluck Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

Visiting "Our Global Kitchen" Exhibit in the American Museum of Natural History